Top Five Must Visit Attractions of Delhi

Delhi has been the pride of numerous empires of India. For several thousand years, every invader and surrounding kingdoms always wanted to capture Delhi and Delhi has been in the hands of numerous kingdoms in the past, which gave it a grand diversity. What is left of the ancient Delhi is now an epitome of culture, custom, heritage, religion and most importantly beautiful architecture. Are you planning to visit this potluck of beauties? Here are the top five attractions to cover in Delhi.

Red Fort

Since its completion in 17th century, the Red Fort has been a political structure. Do you know that the base of this fort has many severed heads of prisoners of Mughal reign? This was done as a symbol of repelling bad luck. This is the architectural beauty of Mughal era, which expresses royal luxury in every element. If you visit during Independence Day, you can enjoy parade at Red Fort.

Jama Masjid

This is the largest mosque of the country, which can holds more than 25,000 people at a single time. This was the last structure built by Shah Jahan before being captured by his son. The stonework and architectural beauty of this mosque are quite impressive. While building this structure, Shah Jahan wanted to build a grand mosque of the world and he named it Majid-i-Jahan-Numa, which meant, the mosque with a commanding view of the world.

Humayun’s tomb

This is the first-ever garden based tomb in India. This structure stands as the precedent for every Mughal styled architecture that beautifies India. This is the mausoleum of second Mughal Emperor of India, Humayun. Later, more than hundreds of royal members of Mughal family have been buried in this region.

Qutub Minar

It is one of the ancient structures of Sultanate Empire and the firstIslamic structure built in India after Qutub-Ud Din Aibak conquered a small part of the country. It is said that this structure marks the entrance of Islamic religion in the country. Scripts from Quran are carved on the walls of this structure. There is a small mosque inside Qutub Minar and it is considered the first mosque in the country. This 240 feet tall tower has five levels and they taper to the top.

Lotus temple

This is the temple of all religions, which is built in the shape of a blooming lotus. Every element of this temple has an intrinsic reason behind it. All religions are allowed inside the temple for silent prayers. Meditation is the only form of ritual allowed inside the temple. The architectural view of the temple is very mesmerizing both from outside and from inside. It is one of the grandest attractions of Delhi.

There are numerous other attractions in Delhi to cover apart from these five. Once you have done exploring Delhi, make it a point to book tickets of any luxury train like Palace on Wheels from Delhi railway station and explore the surrounding regions.

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