Everest is the most popular trekking route in Nepal, where you get to see 4 mountain which are more than 8 thousand mtr high and the place is so different than back home of course cause of the beautiful khumbu Galciar,the mountain view around , Sherpa farm , their society ,culture , the way they talk with the people etc. Mostly Everest trek is for adventurous people that are not true cause still there are many sub trekking route to see everest and many mountain even compare to the landscape of Annapurna ,Everest is quite easy to walk but the pace of the trekkers has to be slow in Everest cause of altitude .so , September to December is the busiest time in this region so if you are going through trekking company and with guide you can get room easily otherwise it’s really difficult to get room cause of over volume of trekkers ,even the trekkers have to sleep on the dining hall some time when there the hotel is too full , because there are just fixed hotel which is controlling from the Sagarmatha (Everest) national park.

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