In connection with an upcoming press trip to South America, I was asked for my Journalist registration number.  Clearly, I have no idea what that is as I've never had one..


Can someone explain and better yet, tell me how to go about obtaining one?





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Hi Doug,

I've had to send a lot of different things, but that is a new one. I sure hope someone responds.

Doug, I'm with Maralyn. Who asked you for this?

Doug. Ask the aksers what they mean by that request. They are the only peeps who know these answers. Never, ever in all my world-wide travels have heard of this. Let us know your denouement.



I wonder if they mean your membership number? I have one for the NUJ (National Union of Journalists) which proves I'm a bona fide writer and not some Jo off the street who wants a free press trip...
This was requested to obtain press credentials to cover a large festival in Brazil.  Looks like they may accept my Federal  ID number, so the issue may be solved.
Could you elucidate? What indeed is your Federal ID number? Passport #?


if you come to Brazil let me know


@Lynn  I used my Federal Employer Identification Number - which I got for my business tax returns (sort of like a Social Security number, but for businesses instead of people.) 


@Max  If I get my visa in time, I'll be there this summer.

Thanks, Doug. Good luck on timing and safe travels.
So now we know which number they asked for, but I still can't figure out why a press trip organizer asked you for it. In any case, hope you have a good trip.

We still don't know what number they asked for, only that the Federal ID # seemed to work. Maybe one of a slew of other numbers would have worked just as well!

Seems like getting the visa is still a hassle, even for travel writers. How much does it cost?

You're probably right on the number :)

The visa was $140 plus a $20 expediting fee. After speaking with two people familiar with Brazil, the reason it's so much is that's what we charge their citizens for a visa to the US.  They raised theirs just to meet our price.  (Thanks US.)

Luckily for me, their Washington consulate agreed to issue it in seven days. The two people I know that are from Brazil that came here recently each took over three months to get theirs from our consulate. There's absolutely no excuse for that.


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