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Trading Insults with an Angry Lion

EcoTraining wilderness camp, Mashatu, Botswana, Thursday 12 January 2012, is a day that will be etched upon my memory forever. I ran out of toothpaste.

Not life changing in itself, I agree, but it was the first in a series of interesting events that day which included having lasagne for supper (my favourite) and being charged by a lion.

Perhaps I should…


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In Uganda, the Intimate Gorilla

Uganda is host to slightly more than half the world’s remaining population of mountain gorillas. With a wild population of just 880, mountain gorillas are one of the most critically endangered species on earth, according to Gladys Kalema-Zikusoka, founder and CEO of CTPH (Premier Safaris Intimate gorilla experience partner). 

Inspired by the emerging field…


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Solar Eclipse in Uganda – One’s in a lifetime adventure!

On November the 3rd, 2013, a total solar eclipse will pass over equatorial Gabon in Western Africa Congo, Uganda, Kenya and finally Ethiopia

For the experienced eclipse chaser in these locations, such a narrow and abrupt eclipse will come with a prominent presentation of the colourful innermost atmospheric layer of the Sun (the chromospheres) and a spectacular view along the axis of the Moon’s shadow.

 The total phase of a solar eclipse is very brief. It rarely lasts more than…


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East Africa Ground handling! INDABA INVITE

The ground handling specialist to Tour operators operating in East Africa product.  The company assists Tour operators to ensure quality product in Uganda and Rwanda. We can also assist you with our lodges (Marasa Africa group ) in Uganda and Kenya and the East Africa region.

Premier Safaris is an East African…


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I would like to invite Agents and tourism related companies to meet with us at ITB in Berlin this year.

Premier Safaris is an East African safari company based in Uganda, specializing in safaris throughout the entire region. Premier Safaris aims to provide you with a safari experience of a lifetime, whether you are searching for the amazing Gorillas in Uganda and Rwanda or marveling at the spectacular “Migration” in Kenya and Tanzania. Our passion is sharing our knowledge, love…


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Work Style

EcoTraining was voted by a international panel as one of ten finalists in the international work style  awards (It’s a award originating from Switzerland )- Effectively we were voted as one of the ten best work style companies worldwide . A jury (International panel) selected 10 companies from across the world. After receiving numerous nominations the panel evaluated 230 companies internationally and decided on 10 finalists. EcoTraining is the first South African or African company for that…


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Indaba Invite

Hi Guys

Please feel free to contact me if your going to attend INDABA this year. We will be in the ICC

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EcoTraining in Kenya

Our signature course consists of 28 adventure packed days living and learning in the Lewa conservancy. During your stay you will take part in a variety of learning activities while walking and driving in some of the most stunning areas of Africa.


The course is structured to maximize the practical experience of our students in the bush, emerging the participant in nature. Each day allows for hours spent in the field interpreting the ecology and enjoying the wildlife…


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EcoTraining Biomimicry course in Kruger National Park

The course aims to bring engineers, architects and designers to nature to find solutions to their problems – The possibilities could be endless.A fascinating world awaits participants on the September Biomimicry course in the private Makuleke concession in the Kruger National Park. Learn to use examples in nature to solve problems we face today. The solutions are endless, think of advances in medicine, design and engineering. This short course set you on your way to use nature in your design…


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Expansion into Botswana

EcoTraining expanded its Africa operations into Botswana. The New Training and tourism camp will be located in the land of Giants in the Tuli reserve in Botswana.…


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