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Music on the Elvis Trail in Memphis and Nashville

The theme is music. The place is Tennessee. The goal, to see as much of it live as possible.

Starting in Memphis and following the ghost of Elvis throughout his life and musical career, our latest batch of reporting takes us on a grand tour of the musical cities of Tennessee.  Memphis for blues and rock 'n roll; Nashville for country.…


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Flying With A Wheelchair: A Few Steps to Smooth the Way

Flying with a wheelchair is a lot like playing the tables at Vegas. You throw the dice and hope for the best. Sometimes, it really does feel like a craps shoot.…


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Transportation for Traveling Wheelchair Users: The Public Transit Option

If you’re traveling in a wheelchair, getting around at your destination is a major concern. Yes, there are companies like Wheelchair Getaways that provide wheelchair accessible van rentals but they run around $100 a day, plus tax and mileage.

Luckily, one option is becoming more common in increasing areas of the…


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Chilaquiles Recipe from Ensenada, Baja California

A big part of our traveling is the food. How often do we find a delicious delicacy and wish we could have it at home?

Bouillabaisse in Nice; Schweinhocken in Munich; Leige waffles in Belgium; or even a gumbo from Lousiana. It may be hard to find that perfect ethnic restaurant in your neighborhood that makes it but you can always try to recreate it…


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Entirely, Absolutely Free Quality Deals for America's Veterans and Active Military

You all put your life on the line for us, now it's time for us to offer a bit of thanks.  Many businesses offer discounts and freebies for veterans to coincide with Veteran's Day.

At The World on Wheels today, we've put together a list of high-quality free stuff that you veterans and…


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The Search for the Best Margarita in Southern California

Preparing the first chapter of our new e-book, Golden State Eating, we did much first hand research. It's a tough job...I know...hitting bars from Sacramento to San Diego, searching for the perfect margarita, but someone's got to do it.

Along the way, we've had some pretty unspectacular versions. I swear, the one we had at a nationally famous rib joint had to have been…


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Seeking the Answer to "Why do I Travel"

Some random thoughts about random events occurred to me today…

People ask me why I don’t like cruises or go on packaged tours.  Then I wonder why people in my area with limited time continue to spend every vacation they have getting drunk in Vegas and losing all their money.  I guess the answer for me is that I don’t travel to be pampered, act out, or see a…


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Wheelchairs & Beaches Don't Mix...Or Do They? Long Beach, California

Beaches and wheelchair don’t usually mix. It’s very hard to get a 300 pound, electric wheelchair to move once it’s stuck in the sand. Some beaches have concrete or wooden ramps to the high-tide line but after that, you’re on your own. A few more beaches have special wheelchairs available for loan that a helper can use to get you to the water, but you can have a hard time finding anyone who knows…


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