In God’s own country, there is no dearth of nature’s bounty. You ask for greenery, fresh air, crystal clear lakes, sandy beaches or dense forests, there’s something for everyone. And if you want to truly awaken your spirits and hear the silence, then nothing better than the interiors of Kerala. Welcome to the resort town of Vythiri - a cozy resort town with an old world charm. Vythiri, a small settlement of 18 villages, in the Wayanad district of Kerala, is known for its natural beauty, pleasant climate and cozy lodgings.

This is a destination where you leave the concrete world behind and discover a whole new side to Mother Nature. If you are looking for a deeply relaxing holiday, and detoxify your mind, body, and soul, then Vythiri is an ideal destination for you, where you can cherish every aspect of nature in its untainted form. Book a taxi from Bangalore airport to head to Vythiri and spend a few days in the wilderness.

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Conveniently located 62km from Kozhikode, is well connected by road to Mysore and Bengaluru.  

Explore nature in Vythiri in any of these adventurous ways:

Live amidst nature
To truly enjoy living amidst nature, choose from the vintage cottages, log huts or tree house, adorning the entire town of Vythiri. These lodgings are nestled in the forests of Wayanad and offer a stunning view of the surrounding wilderness. As you wake up to bright sunshine through the leafage and forest birds, you would be overwhelmed by the richness of Vythiri’s natural surroundings.

Tread the waters
About 3 Km from Vythiri, lies the Pookot or Pookode Lake. This natural, freshwater lake is untouched by civilization and commercial influence. Spend a few hours in the calm water or enjoy a boat ride. Go kayaking, to experience the depth of the surroundings. Alternatively, if speed is your thrill, then take a speedboat ride on the Banasura Dam- the second largest ‘earth dam’ of Asia.

Trek the trails
For those who love to tread nature’s trails, you would love to get lost in the wilderness of Vythiri. The Banasura Dam area forms natural reservoirs at its base which is a favored trekking destination among adventurers. Also, the Chembara Peak, at 2,100 meters above sea-level, attract mountaineers, trekkers and rock climbers from all over. You can join a guided expedition and scale this tallest mountain in Wayanad.

Camp up
The forest clearings and mountain bases in Vythiri and surrounding areas of Wayanad make for a great camping location. Gear up and take off on a wild camping adventure in the thickets of evergreen trees.

Feel the rains
If Kerala is green, then the Monsoon season makes it greener. The rains engulf the whole town in a thick blanket of green and add a new kind of freshness to the place. Vythiri in Monsoon is an entirely different charm, especially the Soojipara or Soochipara Falls, where the three tiers of cascading water plunge down the hills. A perfect setting for the shutterbugs.

Explore the wildlife
The Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary, also called the Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary is home to varied species of wild animals and birds. This conservation is a part of the Nilgiri Bio Reserve covering Nagarhole and Bandipur areas. If you enjoy safaris, bird-watching or even wildlife photography, then you would love exploring this reserve. From Indian Bison, tigers, elephants, deer, panthers, jungle cats, civets, wild dogs, and even bears have their dwellings in the interiors of the jungle. If you are lucky, you might spot any of these on your expedition. In the avian family, you could get an occasional glimpse of peacocks, cuckoos, jungle fowls and woodpeckers. Elephant rides are also conducted through the forest areas.

With such abundance of nature’s bounty, Vythiri makes it to the ‘must-visit’ list of any traveler who loves the outdoors and seeks thrill in discovering more. If Vythiri is part of your Kerala itinerary, you can book a taxi from Kochi airport to get to your accommodation in the forests.

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