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A Foodies' Guide to India's Himalayan Sikkim State

Apart from its divine beauty - including awe-inspiring views of the mighty eastern Himalayas and picturesque Buddhist temples and shrines, India's second smallest state is a delight to the palate, and to truly experience the essence of Sikkim, every visitor should sample as much of the local cuisine as possible.…


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Madurai, the Fascinating Cultural Capital of India's Southern Tamil Nadu State


The ancient temple and trading town whose settlement dates back to 300 BCE, Madurai (current pop. 1.6 million) is the cultural capital of one of India's southernmost states, Tamil Nadu. This eclectic settlement attracted…


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Sawai Madhopur: Rajasthan, India's Gateway to Ranthambore Fort & Reserve


Every district and even nearly every city of India's vibrant western Rajasthan province has something to offer to every traveler. Sawai Madhopur (pop. 121,100) is an excellent example. Unlike most historic cities, this once was planned back in the…


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Why the Town of Bhuj, in Western India's Gujarat State, Is Beautiful & Unique

Rustic, rugged and remarkable - three words that best describe Bhuj, in the interior of Gujarat off the Gulf of Kutchh, in the district of Kutchh. Founded as a town in 1510, it's home to remnants of the Harappan civilization and traces of…


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Of Caves & Temples in Ellora, India, South of Mumbai


The period of 600-1000 CE in Indian history, was a period of discovery and creations. It was the peak of India’s historic art and architecture, probably built for posterity. Today, when you stand at the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the…


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The Sacred Mela Festival in Pushkar, India

The entire idea of experiencing a folk festival is to see into the local culture and understand the tradition that the communities hold onto for generations. What is it that makes these festivals so unique? How do they manage to retain their age-old practices and beliefs despite all the modernization around them? These questions always intrigued me. So when I got a…


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Karwar, South India, and its Coastal Culture

If you head south from Goa, in northern Karnataka state you will land in the coastal city of Karwar. Snugly settled between the Sahyadri Mountains in the east and the expansive Arabian Sea on the west, its harbor on the south and the Kali River (Kalinadi) in the north, Karwar is a colorful…


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A Natural Marvel of India: Jaipur's Sambhar Salt Lake


The country’s largest and most popular inland salt lake is Sambhar Salt Lake. Located in the Thar Desert, this natural beauty is definitely a sight of marvel in a desolate and barren sandy expanse. The lake is bowl-shaped and is on the…


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Colonial Remnants in Dehradun, in India's Uttarakhand State


Dehradun is one among the many places in India where the British left an impression with their distinctive architectural sites and institutions. The scenic city nestled impressively in the mountain ranges of the Himalayas may be best known for the number of institutes whose inception can be traced…


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A Pilgrim's Trail in the Little Known Indian State of Odisha


Tucked between West Bengal and Andhra Pradesh, the state of Odisha (erstwhile Orissa) is dotted with temples and religious sites, where pilgrim flock from around the country. From the sacred Jagannath Temple of Puri to the magnificent Parsvanath Temple and the serene Buddhist monasteries, Odisha has been a…


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Explore nature in Vythiri

In God’s own country, there is no dearth of nature’s bounty. You ask for greenery, fresh air, crystal clear lakes, sandy beaches or dense forests, there’s something for everyone. And if you want to truly awaken your spirits and hear the silence, then nothing better than the interiors of Kerala. Welcome to the resort town of Vythiri - a cozy resort town with an old world charm. Vythiri, a small settlement of 18 villages, in the Wayanad district of Kerala, is…


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Gurgaon: A modern urban sprawl

Gurgaon's tryst with urbanization began with the establishment of the manufacturing plant for Maruti Suzuki India Limited around the 1970s. Since then, Gurgaon has been home to many companies, both Indian and local, that are contributing to the city’s rapid urban sprawl and demographic shift.

Gurgaon, officially called Gurugram, is known as an industrial and economic hub and boasts of the third highest per-capita…


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Fascinating Ruins & 'India's Grand Canyon' in Gandikota


Located in the tiny village of Kadapa between Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh lies the secret nesting of the medieval ruins of Gandikota, untouched by tourism. The vast gorges of this village are dubbed the Grand Canyon of India and provide breathtaking views all year round. A…


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Exploring the Royal Heritage of Mysore, India

Mysore, a majestic city with its sparkling regal legacy and charming scenic views, is one of the most visited places in southern India. Located 152 Km from Bangalore, it's also known as Ashtanga City because of the top yoga masters who reside here. Some of the key elements that…


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3 Appealing Hill Stations Near Bangalore, India

Bangalore is one of the biggest metropolitan cities in India. It boasts top-notch education institutions and a thriving IT sector, which attracts people from all over the country and the world. The ‘bustling Silicon valley of India’ has made a name for itself as a great destination for work purposes, but that isn’t all that the capital of Karnataka state has to offer.

Bangalore is located in proximity to some of the best hill stations…


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Head to the Himalayas from Amritsar

Amritsar is the spiritual centre of the Sikh religion. Thousands of devotees flock to this holy city to visit The Golden Temple and pay homage to Sikh Gurus. Famous for its golden dome, the temple is the crown jewel of Amritsar city. It is home to the Akal Takht, the primary authoritative body in Sikh religion.

Having a long drawn history, Amritsar is a rich potpourri of…


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Monsoon getaways from Mumbai

Mumbai is the largest metropolitan city in India and is often perceived as the land where dreams come true. Life in the city is definitely fast-paced and dynamic, but the speed can get to your nerves if you don't take periodic breaks. Luckily for the residents of the city, there are many beautiful places and tourist spots within a short distance from Mumbai, which are perfect for weekend getaways.…


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