Funny ways people have gotten frequent flyer miles.

American Airlines is celebrating their 30th Anniversary of their frequent flyer program.I have been enjoying hearing all the crazy ways people have earned miles over the years on the various tv shows.The funniest one is from a man who started a company just to fly 20 Thai people back and forth on a $8 flight,so he could earn 4000000 miles. The local DEA ask him about it because he was flying people in the noted Golden Triangle and they thought he was a very dumb drug runner.

This 20 minute film below by Gabriel Leigh , did a great job showing  frequent flyer miles "addicts". The man who did the above 4000000 miles plan is featured a little after the 14 minute mark.It was posted on the Airfare search site Hipmunk.  It is really a great short film.

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