Problems with Hotel Booking Engine and How They Were Fixed

I've been a big fan of Priceline and especially their company assumed since Agoda was owned by Priceline too, it would be good as well.

Agoda is based in Asia, but now they list hotels all over the world like the other booking sites.

I recently booked two hotels in the EWR area of Newark NJ.First because they were a little cheaper and second because I wanted to get some more experience with them, since I'm going to travel in Asia more in the coming years and they have more hotels listed in Asia than the other sites.

Agoda has one prepay and gives you a Hotel Voucher to give to the Hotels.

The first hotel didn't have my reservation and it took some time pulling it up.The second hotel never heard of Agoda and tried to double bill me.Not only did I have to explain who Agoda was and about their prepay voucher system,I had to research the procedures of how the hotel gets paid.The hotel submitted the wrong amount and got rejected.Online they have forms if you are experiencing problems.They are supposed to get back with you within 24 hours.They did not.All other numbers listed online were foreign numbers that the hotel was not authorized to call.I finally figured out they did have a domestic number on the Hotel Voucher that was listed in the wrong format and not clearly marked.After calling that number the problem was eventually fixed. Not the job of the customer.

Such a easy problem for Agoda to fix with their partners.They could easily notify the new hotel partners how to get payment and who to contact if there are any problems.Also they should have responded to the problems online in their given time.

I did call Priceline corporate offices upon my return and they said they would have someone in Agoda management get back to me.Agoda did get back to me and sent a 10% refund. right away.In a few days they refunded the entire stay for my second hotel and thanked me for notifying them of this problem.They informed me they fixed this problem for future booking in the States .

So I was impressed that they did see the problem, did the right thing by the customer, and apoligized.

If someone uses them on this site in the future, maybe they can give us an update.and see if those billing issues have been solved

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