A Natural Marvel of India: Jaipur's Sambhar Salt Lake


The country’s largest and most popular inland salt lake is Sambhar Salt Lake. Located in the Thar Desert, this natural beauty is definitely a sight of marvel in a desolate and barren sandy expanse. The lake is bowl-shaped and is on the southwest side of Jaipur, surrounding Sambhar Lake Town. According to legend, the goddess of Chauhan Rajputs, Shakambhari Devi turned a lush green forest into a silver plain as a reward for services done for her. Since the locals feared that the greed would eventually overcome the people, the goddess turned the plain of silver into this gorgeous lake. The lakeshore houses a temple that is devoted to this goddess.

If you are located in the city in any part of the country, it is time to take a break and come to this desert haven. If you're planning to head to Sambhar Salt Lake, hire car on rent in Jaipur
 and drive to the Thar. Unwind from the physical and mental confinements of the city in this natural wonder. The skyline stretches over a vast sky, and the sky and water combine to form an unending blue expanse, this is an ideal place to visit for photography enthusiasts. Sambhar Lake located in Rajasthan is the largest inland saline lake in our country.



A Brief History

Mentioned in the famous epic the Mahabharata, the Sambhar Lake has historical roots, where this body of water is said to have been a part of the kingdom of Brishparva, the devil lord. As the story goes, the goddess Shakambhari Devi remodelled this area into a plate of metals. Soon after the goddess turned this town into a lake of a considerable measure of salt. The lake thus got the name Salt Lake and was later claimed by the Jodhpur and Jaipur lords. It was later rented to the ruling British Empire.


Winged Visitors


Covering an area of 96 square kilometres, Sambhar is a famous residential area close to the city of Jaipur along the National highway. The name Sambhar means salt and it consists of a variety of neighbourhoods containing concentrated salt since from over a thousand years. This gorgeous lake is surrounded by over 38 towns. Popularly called the site of Ramsar, the lake houses a variety of winged animals such as flamingos. These tall, smart looking fowls fly to this lake in scores and tempt the visitors with their pretty tutu-like bodies. The lake also has an abundance of Spirulina, which twists when the water contains a medium level of salt. Pelicans are other winged visitors to this water body and come in fledgelings of 20,000 at a time. Other birds seen here are storks, redshanks, dark winged stilts and sandpipers.



Popular Nearby Attractions

Delivering 196,000 tons of salt each year, the Sambhar Lake can be reached by any mode of public transport from the city of Jaipur. Some of the popular destinations to visit nearby include the DeVaan Tank and the Shakambhari Devi Temple. A pleasant yet interesting town, Sambhar provides a unique experience to those looking for a respite from the hustle bustle of daily life. Plan a visit to this natural wonder and be mesmerised by the stunning sight of the shimmering waters by booking a cab service in Jaipur.

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