Rajasthan is the land of the rulers and is fit for travelers who have unique taste for the traditional elements of the country. One of the most charming things to do in Rajasthan is shopping in the traditional markets of the land. If you are planning to visit the land of Rajasthan, here are the top spots to open your wallet.

Johari bazar of Jaipur

This local market is famous for traditional Rajasthan jewelry like Meenakari, Kundan and others. You will find different styles of jewelries based on the budget in your mind. There are also a few textile shops in the market for buying authentic Rajasthan styled dresses and materials. By evening, many street vendors open their shops to serve delicacies of Rajasthani cuisine.

Market timings – 10 am to 11 pm

NaiSarak of Jodhpur

This market is for those who would like to experience the culture of the land. The specialty product of the market is textile and accessories. You can very easily find authentic tie and dye products, which is an iconic souvenir of Rajasthan travelers. Tie and dye products are commonly called as bandhej and badhni, by the locals. Apart from this, you can also find exclusive items like hand painted saris, turbans, leather articles, local handicrafts and much more.

Market timings – 10 am to 10 pm (closed on every Sunday)

Bada bazar of Udaipur

This is a one-stop spot for most of your shopping desires. You can find gemstones, precious metal jewelry, leather goods, copper ware, clothing material, accessories, antique items and so on. You can find small street shops and trusted branded stores in this market. If you get tired, you can turn towards the food vendors selling buttermilk, fruit juices, snacks and others.

Market timings – 8 am to 9 pm

Sadar Bazar of Jaisalmer

This traditional market is one of the colorful and lively markets of the land. This is the place to find many ethnic products like blankets, handicrafts, antiques, apparels, accessories and so on. You can find tie and dye fabrics, Khadi fabrics and embroidery items in the market. The best part about this market is the price. Since artisans and producers sell these, you are cutting off intermediaries and buying at a cheaper rate than most of the markets in the state.

Market timings – 10 am to 6 pm

Kote Gate road of Bikaner

It is not a huge market of unlimited supply. It is a small market for budget shoppers. The name of market arrives from the Kote Gate, which holds shops around it. This is a small market to find exotic Rajasthan items like Khadi kurta, miniature painting, sandals with embroidery work, camel milk products, camel hide, material made with camel hair and so on. Sweets and snacks of this Bikaner market attract many tourists.

Market timings – 9 am to 9 pm

There are numerous other markets in various cities of the state. It is better to stick with local markets to haggle and get a better price for the product of your choice. Make sure to surf a couple of shops before you settle with a product in a shop.

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Comment by Honeymoon Bug on August 9, 2019 at 2:36am

Rajasthan is ideal state in central part of India to explore from October to March. April, May and June are known for fierce weather conditions; while July, August and September are hot and humid. Best months are November, December, January and February. March is also a bit hot – but weather conditions are in your favor for romantic trip.  Some of the most charming honeymoon destinations in Rajasthan include, but not limited to:

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